Ornamental Kale

Botanical Name  Brassica oleracea

Pot Diameter  140mm

Height  20-30cm

Width  30-35cm

Position  Full sun

Available Seasons  Winter

Ornamental Kale is a member of the brassica family. It can withstand frosts and is one of the few plant varieties that can be enjoyed in the winter garden.

Kamome Series: Fringed Leaf variety. Edges of all of the leaves are finely ruffled.

Pigeon Series: Uniformly round shaped heads and slightly waved flowers leaves. It has the tightest head of all the ornamental kales.

Songbird Series: Round leaf compact, dwarf plants with uniform, round shaped, solid heads and slightly waved leaves. Song Bird series has excellent doubleness.

Compact dwarf plant from the brassica family.