Which Tomato Should I Grow?

Open Pollinated Varieties (OP) – Low resistance to disease. You can save your own seed and regrow the following season.

Hybrid Varieties (HYB) – High disease resistance. You can save your own seed but due to the selection process of hybrid varieties, the following season’s crop may vary in appearance and performance.


In South Australia all tomatoes should be planted in the morning sun and afternoon shade or in full sun with some form of protection when days reach 40 degrees or greater. The exception to this is in cooler parts of South Australia i.e. Adelaide Hill where full sun is preferable.

All tomatoes are best staked. We would recommend that all varieties should have 180cm (6ft) stakes unless otherwise specified. Tall varieties can be prune back to two leaders.

Regular harvesting encourages new fruit.

Deep water your plants every 10-14 days. Do not water too much, as fruit will mark. Fertilise your plants every month to promote leaf growth for protection of your fruit. Mulch and use tomato dust for grubs and pest. Oil for aphids and white fly.


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